Tech leadNovember 2017–May 2022
I spent more than four years as a tech lead for various teams working on HubSpot's developer platform and tooling, after originally joining HubSpot as the first full-time frontend software engineer working on integrations, app marketplaces, or developer tooling. Most recently, I built out the Developer Documentation team, where I led the development of a vision and technical approach to building HubSpot's developer documentation. Prior to that, I led the Developer Experience Frontend team, working on HubSpot's integration development tooling. I led both teams simultaneously for a period of several months, before onboarding a new leader and transferring Developer Experience team leadership to them. Before that, I was tech lead for the Integrations Platform Frontend team, then led both teams for a period when the team split into the Strategic Integrations Frontend team and Developer Experience Frontend team.
Throughout, I mentored and worked alongside engineers who were anywhere from intern to senior level, and mentored several people into senior engineer and tech lead roles. I took an active development role while also building high-performing teams and collaborating with engineering leadership, product management, and product design to lead team direction.
Senior software engineer (July 2017–November 2017) and software engineer (May 2016–July 2017)
Joined the Integrations Platform team as the first frontend software engineer. Took ownership of the frontends for HubSpot-owned integrations, the in-application marketplace for integrations with HubSpot, and the developer tooling. Initiated a complete port of these projects from a CoffeeScript and Backbone stack to JavaScript and React, introducing the HubSpot Canvas design system to the projects. Introduced frontend testing and monitoring to the projects owned by the team. Worked closely with the backend engineers to develop the frontend portion of multiple projects, including CRM extensions, and the HubSpot integration with Shopify.
Software engineering co-opMay–September 2015
Worked as a frontend and backend software developer on a tool to track usage and other events on the HubSpot product. Used Java and the Dropwizard framework to work on the API, as well as JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and a combination of React, Flux, and Backbone to create the frontend for the app. Spent two months as the primary developer and maintainer for the frontend of the tool.
Software engineering co-opJuly–December 2014
Worked as a frontend developer on the Reporting Team to maintain and develop HubSpot’s analytics tools. Implemented new features and enhanced existing components, debugged and patched issues, and performed a major refactor and merge of two of the Reporting applications. Worked closely with a tech lead and other members of the Reporting Team. Developed primarily in CoffeeScript, with Sass, jade, and Handlebars.
Lazer LabSeptember–December 2013
Research assistant
Helped to create guides and best practices for researchers to share data on the English Wikipedia and Wikidata. Created Python scripts to assist the Lazer Lab researchers in working with Wikipedia, such as by converting CSV data to wikimarkup tables, and scraping titles of articles about governors from lists of names.
Google Summer of CodeMay–September 2013
Summer of Code student
Applied and was selected as a participant in Google Summer of Code, a program that pairs student developers with free and open source software projects for a three-month period. Developed an original project idea and proposal to allow users of Wikisource (a project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation) and similar MediaWiki wikis to more easily collect and store book content and metadata. Planned and designed the extension using wireframes, mockups, and prototypes; meticulously scheduled and documented the project time frame, as well as recorded bugs, features, and bug/development priority; and worked closely with a mentor to plan, design, and implement the proposal.
NxStage MedicalJanuary–June 2013
Software engineering co-op
Worked on projects for an embedded system that handles the treatment data recorded by a kidney dialysis machine. Modified an embedded webserver, written in C, to allow the system to serve pages to the customer. Wrote an application in C++ to allow users to discover dialyzers that were broadcasting in their vicinity. Developed a set of webpages in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to allow a user to connect the system to their home wireless network.


Northeastern University — Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science2011–2016