I'm Molly White.

I research and write critically about the cryptocurrency industry, blockchains, the idea known as "web3", and the tech industry more broadly. I'm a fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, and an affiliate of the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society.

I run the website Web3 is Going Just Great , where I highlight examples of how cryptocurrencies, web3 projects, and the industry surrounding them are failing to live up to their promises. I also publish a regular newsletter, and have written a series of essays about blockchains.

I regularly speak to journalists and do media appearances. I also have given talks and guest lectures, and have advised policymakers and regulators in and outside of the United States.

Before veering into spending so much of my time thinking about cryptocurrency and its implications for the web and society writ large, I was a professional software engineer.

I have also been an active editor of the English Wikipedia for over fifteen years, where I edit under the username GorillaWarfare. I am an administrator and functionary, and previously served three terms on the Arbitration Committee. I care deeply about free and open access to high-quality information, and view projects like Wikipedia as critical infrastructure.